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8 Women | 6 Weeks | 2 Guides | 1 Goal

You took a career break to care for family. 

You've always planned to go back to work, but the timing hasn't been right. Until now.

Does this sound like you?

Ask yourself this:
When the world opens up for business again, would you like to be fully prepared to be part of it - to take on an exciting new career, to contribute to your family finances, and help rebuild our economy? 

These are unprecedented and unsettling times.

Children are going to school online.
College students are completing their classes virtually.
Spouses are working from home. Or perhaps, due to layoffs and furloughs, not at all.

The economy is struggling. Investment portfolios are shrinking. Wifi is maxed, laundry is piling up and the kitchen table has become one large charging station.

Where do YOU fit in all of this?
No doubt, you are working around the clock to make sure your family's physical and emotional needs are being met during this trying time.

You're probably helping neighbors and friends, too.

But what about your needs?

While everyone around you  is working, conferencing 
and studying, might this be a good time for you to do  the same?

Are you ready to prepare, definitively, for a successful journey back to work?
If so, here are a few things you should know:
There are plenty of mom-friendly jobsearch sites out there, but it's a rare returner who gets a job by simply dusting off an old resumé and posting it.

Without support, and a clear step-by-step plan to follow, most aspiring career relaunchers fail or give up: 

- They become paralyzed by the competing advice they read and hear - most of it unreliable.

- They feel intimidated by digital job search and networking tools, and technology in general.

- They lack clarity and confidence about what skills they offer, what jobs are out there, what work they can do, and how to brand and market themselves.

- And they spend a lot of time, effort and money going about it all wrong.

As busy as you already are managing a household and supporting the people in it and around you through challenging times, you can’t afford to waste your time,  energy and money doing it wrong.

You don't want to waste your time, energy and money doing it wrong!

We can help you do it right

Introducing the Prepare to Launch U Career Relaunch Accelerator 
with Susan and Kelley

The proven, complete, step-by-step guide to get you back to work after a career break.

We are both moms of four who took career breaks, navigated our ways back, and are now dedicated to helping others do the same. Based on our combined 30 years of coaching thousands of women through sold-out seminars, webinars, and a hugely successful live course, our comprehensive, ‘soup-to-nuts’, online return-to-work course has become the industry standard.

Our program not only provides you with the conventional tactics for going back to work (like resumé, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, etc.) but the essential foundational strategies to make sure you’ve defined who you are and where you’re going before you head out. 

And, now, for the first time, we are offering an accelerated 6-week version of this full course to a small cohort of qualified women.

The Prepare to Launch U Career Relaunch Accelerator is much more than a course.
It's a roadmap; it's a community; it's a lifeline.

If you are selected to participate in our Career Relaunch Accelerator, you’ll follow a step-by-step plan, tested and 100% approved by women from across the country; delivered in a flexible, self-paced format; in the company of a small cohort of other exceptional women who will take it with you.

When you graduate, you will be a confident woman with a supportive ‘tribe’, who knows her brand, pitches it well and is ready to bring her skills and expertise to the workplace where it will be needed, now more than ever. 

Our program is the only complete, 
coach-guided return-to-work course for women on the planet.

It’s all-in-one content, all in one place. 
Sure, you could find resumé templates online and networking tips on Youtube, podcasts on how to interview, and blogposts on job searching. 
There is a dizzying array of resources out there - of questionable quality.

But you are already crazy-busy. 

You simply don't have the time to research, vet and cobble together an assortment of resources on all different platforms to guide you back to work - especially in these uncertain times.
Our course is fully flexible and portable.
The convenient, professionally-produced video lessons are accessible when and where it works best for you - and on whatever technology you choose.

It provides live support and community. 
When you make the big decision to get back to work, the first thing you'll feel is alone. But you’re not! Thousands of women across the country are returning to work every day and, as part of our course, you’ll become part of a small cohort of them AND you’ll all meet with us every week for a one-hour live video discussion.

It focuses on the whole woman. 
Your personal life doesn’t end when your professional life begins. That’s why our course focuses on both. We teach you how to create a work-life synergy plan that assures the best of you is showing up wherever you are.

It's proven successful.
Graduates of our program (from 30 states!) are 100% "very satisfied" with our Career Relaunch program. They are now working in exciting careers, tackling challenging projects, and starting new companies.  Soon, graduates of our 6-week Accelerator will be doing the same!
Here's how our Career Relaunch Accelerator is organized:
You’ve grown and changed since you left the workplace. In this first module, you will use our proprietary assessment tools, plus others from renowned partner-organizations, to discover Who You Are now. 

And with this new insight, you’ll begin to build your unique brand.

With a clear understanding of who you are and the specific assets you bring to the workplace, in this module you'll use PTLU templates, digital job search tools, testimontials and role-plays to determine Where You Are Going. Next, you'll identify What Gets In The Way, and learn/ practice strategies to overcome these obstacles with confidence. 
In this module, you will Take Off.
With personal coaching, templates, scripts, and real-time practice, you'll create a compelling resumé and LinkedIn profile;
master your elevator pitch; practice networking; become a bold interviewer who confidently negotiates the best offer; create a healthy work-life synergy plan, 
and learn from industry experts how to groom and dress for success.

We wrap it all up with real-world stories and testimonials, and we teach you practical, sustainable tips for 
Staying and Growing in your new career and beyond.  

Your learning will be enhanced by:
- a complimentary 50+ page Career Relaunch workbook full of templates, tracking charts, scripts and more
- exclusive access to The LaunchPad  - our proprietary social media site for PTLU students and grads
- and weekly live video calls with your cohort and us, which are recorded and distributed for future reference

Students accepted into our Spring 2020 Career Relaunch Accelerator
have three easy tuition payment options:

Are you seriously motivated to relaunch your relaunch now?

Do you think that one of the seats in our 6-Week Accelerator program should be yours?

Here is how you (and we) will know:

  • ​​You had that big job, that fulfilling career, 'back then' and you want to reclaim it (or find or create something like it).
  • ​You've been thinking about returning to work for a while, but now you feel an urgent desire or need to do so.
  • ​You want to be workplace-ready as soon as the economy opens up again, and to participate in rebuilding it.
  • ​You don't have time to waste doing it wrong, so you want to follow a proven process and do it right - right now.
  • ​You can commit to 5 hours of self-paced work per week for 6 weeks.
  • ​You can commit to participating in a weekly 1-hour video call with us and your cohort.
  • ​You are a hard worker who is exceptionally motivated to follow a proven process to prepare for your career relaunch.

If you see yourself in most of the statements above, you are probably a good candidate for our Spring Career Relaunch Accelerator.

To be sure, please click below to take our brief assessment survey.
If you've already taken the survey, you will hear from us soon.

The time for you to return to work has come.
You know it. Your family knows it. Your friends know it. 

All of those skills you mastered in that "great job" back in the day? You've still got 'em - and they are needed now more than ever.  

There is no time to waste.
You want to get your career relaunch right the first time - and our Career Relaunch Accelerator sounds like the perfect solution.

Let's find out if you're a match.
Please apply here and we'll get back to you in 24 hours about a brief interview. Thank you!

Kelley and Susan 

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